Fantasy Football Hates Me

I thought this was my year. I was so close. I was doing so well. I was first in the league for so long… even going into the playoffs. I was completely dominating the competition. Then in the first week of the playoffs I got DomiNated. My brother Nate (whos team is appropriately named DomiNate) beat me in the first playoff game which determines who will go to the championship.

So now I am looking at my team and making some adjustments but I am just playing for 3rd place. It takes all the excitement out of it. Nathan has won once before and he is playing against a friend who has never won… so I am not sure who to root for. I would like my friend who has never won to win but I also like to root for my brother. I usually always want my brother to win… unless he is playing me… of course.¬†

So I will go another year without the championship trophy… despite having a killer team for the last 3 years. The winner of our league gets dinner paid for by everyone else so it is still fun to get together with the guys. Last year we went to Eastland Cafe¬†and had a blast. So cheers to all of you fantasy football losers out there. There is always next year, Lord willing :).

Ah Yes. I Clinched A Playoff Berth

I would just like to make it known that I clinched a playoff berth in my fantasy football league. I have a really good team this year but the competition is still pretty tough. I drafted Brady and after seeing him get knocked out for the season after the first week, I lucked out picking up Kurt Warner who has been tearing it up.

I have killer receivers this year too. Not sure how that happened. I have Andre Johnson, Terrell Owens, Brandon Marshall, Greg Jennings, Marvin Harrison, and Eddie Royal. AJ has been the most solid, everyone else has been a week to week decision. I have Michael Turner, Chris Johnson, Steve Slaton, and Thomas Jones for my running backs. Baltimore D. Bo Scaife and Owen Daniels are my tight ends… wish I had Gates or Gonzalez here but they have been pretty good.

This is my year… I can feel it.